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Mike Dow

Senior Advisor & Former Mayor of Mobile

Mike Dow has recently joined SVN Toomey Property Advisors as a Senior Advisor.


B.S. in Economics, MBA University of South Alabama, 1977. Graduate & Disciple of Steven Covey Institute.

MAYOR, CITY OF MOBILE, ALABAMA (1989-2005) – 16 years

During his tenure as Mayor of Mobile, Alabama, from 1989 to 2005, Mike Dow led with a nonpartisan approach, fostering inclusivity and strategic planning to drive the city and region forward. Under his leadership, the city of Mobile saw remarkable progress through initiatives such as Total Quality Management, winning the State Quality Award, and achieving the distinction of being the first U.S. city to earn a corporate designation at the state level. Notably, Dow played a pivotal role in attracting significant foreign manufacturing investment totaling $8 billion, along with corresponding job creation and tax revenue. His administration successfully spearheaded over $2.1 billion in downtown renovation projects, which became known as "The String of Pearls." Dow, prior to becoming Mobile's Mayor, co-founded QMS, Inc., which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and sold to Minolta.


Mike Dow served his country with distinction in the United States Army from 1965 to 1968, completing three tours of combat duty in Vietnam. He served as a paratrooper rifleman and helicopter door gunner in the renowned U.S. Army 173rd Airborne Brigade’s 335th Assault Helicopter Company (The Cowboys) and the 173rd Casper (Ghost) Platoon from 1966 to 1968.

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